Hello 2013

Happy New Year!

I meant to do a post at the end of 2012 highlighting some of the most popular BSR posts in 2012 but the boys have been taking turns being sick so I've had my hands full (and I'm not going to go into detail about what they've been full of). Although we're already into 2013, I'm going to take this post to highlight the top 5 posts and then want to set some DIY goals for myself here in writing.

Without further chatter, here were the top 5 posts of 2012 based on my stats:

5)  1 Minute DIY Layered Nursing Top


4)  The Bed to Beat All Beds Specs

The Bed to Beat All Beds (Specs)

3)  How to  Make an Indoor Slide

The slide

2)  Soccer Birthday Party - Soccer Ball Cake Pops

Soccer Ball Cake Pops

and the number one post of 2012

1) The Bed to Beat All Beds

The Bed to Beat All Beds

Pinterest has changed how bloggers make their mark. I doubt all that many people would have discovered the Snickerdoodle's bed had it not been for the many times it has been pinned. I feel honored that this design has inspired so many people and it, in turn, inspires me to continue to blog about the projects I do.

That takes us to 2013. My husband and I have big ideas about what is going to happen around the house this year.

  • Add a deck to the front of the house leading up to the front door
  • Landscape or lay pavers down next to the new driveway
  • Mulch (not grow grass) the side yard where we put in the raised beds
  • Grow a fantastic garden with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Plant blueberry bushes along the fence in front of the house
  • Plant an apple tree in the back yard
That's just the stuff we've already thought of, I'm sure we'll come up with lots more. 

I'd also like to use up more of my craft stash, clean the garage (probably at least 5 times in all likelihood), sew more for my family and do projects with the kids.

Finally, I know we'll have a huge over-the-top party for the Snickerdoodle's 5th birthday in April and then we might have another party during the summer to kick off the baby's half birthday parties (since we can't really invite more than about 20 people into our home in the winter for his actual birthday).

I'd also like to get back to blogging more often. I've been cooking more and more so I've been considering doing a weekly wrap up of the recipes I've tried. 

Here's to more adventures in creativity in 2013!! 

Thank you for reading,

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