Updated Nursery - 1 Year Old Edition

As you may recall, I completed the nursery design during my second trimester of pregnancy over a year ago. Now that the baby is 1, our needs have changed a little bit. He's bigger, walking a little bit, and he has lots of toys after celebrating his birthday and Christmas. When I redid the Snickerdoodle's room, I took a bookshelf out but knew we would someday want to use it again so we tucked it in my sewing area in the garage. Last night I retrieved it, loaded it into the baby's room and loaded it up with toys. Here's a tour of his room:




In an attempt to draw both boys into the room to play together, I found a fantastic play rug they really enjoy. We moved the serene white rug to our bedroom where it mostly just attracts cat barf (sigh).



I also added some child locks on his cabinet since it contains the trash can as well as a can to hold his dirty cloth diapers until laundry day(s).


I also installed a ceiling fan. We really wished we had fans this past summer on the handful of hot days we have here in the Seattle area but we stuck it out then bought them at clearance prices at the end of the season. We don't have air conditioning so this will be a wonderful addition come summer. We put one in our bedroom too and I already love having it on at night.

(bonus points if you can find the hidden "object" in the picture)

And finally one last picture of Mr. Mischief exploring the room while I took pictures


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