1 Minute DIY Layered Nursing Top

This will be the easiest tutorial I'll ever post. I'm excited to share my findings with you though so read on.

Nursing on the go is never all that easy but with the right tops and a good nursing cover, it doesn't have to become a peep show for those around you. The problem is, those nursing tops can be expensive and aren't always all that attractive or subtle. I like to layer my clothing which means this combination with jeans is one of my favorites:


I tried wearing that outfit once recently and was really uncomfortable when I tried to nurse the little one not to mention I couldn't have nursed with any semblance of privacy since I had to pull both shirts up.

Here's the solution I came up with:

What you'll need -
  • 1 long-sleeved shirt (this is actually a white maternity shirt that I wore before I got huge)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Sewing machine
If you're using an old maternity shirt that is bell shaped and you want to fix that, just stitch down the side seams to take it in a bit. I didn't have to, my shirt was just longer, not wider, than a regular shirt.

Now try on the shirt, look at where your bust is, mark it if you want (or just eyeball it like I did).

Take the shirt off and cut two vertical slits as you see here:


To be honest, my slits start a tad high, I didn't eyeball the placement very well. Each cut is about 7 inches long and you'll notice they don't run straight down the center of each breast, they're actually off to the side of each, just a couple of inches in from the sleeve seam. Placing them there means you don't see wrinkles through my outer shirt.

When it comes time to nurse, here's how it's done:


The t-shirt material won't fray so you don't have to finish the edges or anything. It is easy as can be and when you need to nurse, the shirt stays down covering your middle. With this setup, I don't feel at all exposed when I'm nursing. It isn't any secret what I'm doing but I remain well covered.

Thank you for reading,

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