Tree Stump Rain Barrel Support

This is really just a quick show-and-tell post. My mother in law had a tree taken out in her yard and she said we could have some of the rounds. We brought a bunch home and the hubs spent a chunk of time chopping them into firewood but I asked him not to cut up the two biggest ones we got. One now holds some pots of flowers but with the help of our chainsaw-toting-neighbor, here's what we did with the other:

Rain Barrel Support

It sets the rain barrel up high enough to put a watering can underneath it. I also found that I can set one of our large watering cans just to the left of it up on top of the stump. I was surprised it was enough space but it is so the can is always right where I need it.

BTW, want to know how I made that rain barrel? Check out out here.

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