Cozy Coupe Makeover - Starsky and Hutch Style

We didn't have a Cozy Coupe for our first son but we have so much room for them to run and play now that I thought we needed one for our second. I knew I didn't want a new one because I had every intention of repainting it. I watched craigslist for awhile when finally one showed up in our area so we grabbed it.

After lots of pondering, we agreed that painting it to look like the Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch. It started out pink and purple but with a little (ok, a lot) of blue tape and a few cans of Krylon paint (the Rustoleum didn't work well AT ALL!!!), I transformed it.

From girly and boring:

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap23

To totally badass:

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap25

This Gran Torino Cozy Coupe features custom pinstriping, a chrome [look] grille, custom alloy (or whatever CDs are made of) wheels, power steering, a horn that will probably be completely ignored by all the other kids on the road and is powered by the two shortest legs on our street.

See that light up top? It actually glows at night (not that the boys are ever up late enough to see this but I am and not EVERYTHING is for them):

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap26
(light created using a disassembled Dollar Tree solar garden light 
glued into an upside down painted plasticware container.)

Taking it for a test ride:

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap24

Traffic on the driveway was awful:

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap29

The darn thing overheated and he had to push it home (not really, he doesn't know how to power it from inside the car just yet):

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap32

And you thought all that was cool??? Just check out this after-market customization I added a few days later:

Pimp my toddler's ride by buildsewreap18
Dude, you dropped a Goldfish

Thank you for reading,


  1. Incredible transformation! Love all the details!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I had fun. I'm sorry I learned the hard way that the Rustoleum plastic paint was terrible but I'm glad I found the Krylon, it is holding up beautifully.

  3. Yes my son would love it!!It would be great to learn with this. All my kids ride fine but I would have loved this when they were learning.


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