Sawdust Catcher

I can't even tell you how many times I've opted not to use my table saw because of the mess the darn thing makes. I finally decided to [wo]man up, face the problem head on and contain that sawdust.

I took the saw off the stand, took some measurements, stared at it for awhile then darted for my pile of containers not in use and pulled out an old cat pan we weren't using.

Cat Pan Sawdust Catcher by buildsewreap.com1 

I cut a hole in the side so my shop vac would slide into it, secured it to the base, attached the saw back to the base and here's the result:

Cat Pan Sawdust Catcher by buildsewreap.com2

Cat Pan Sawdust Catcher by buildsewreap.com3

Cat Pan Sawdust Catcher by buildsewreap.com4

I know what you're thinking ... it's SUPER classy. Well, it works, it was free and I've used my saw more since I installed it and that was the goal. It doesn't catch ALL of the sawdust but it sure cuts down on the horrendous mess it used to make so I'm happy with it.

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