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I do love it when I see great treasures on the side of the road, especially when they have a clear "FREE" sign stuck to them so I know they can come home with me. The latest was a set of 4 custom doors that I knew I couldn't get home in/on my car with the boys with me so I quickly called my husband and begged him to grab them in between seeing patients (he's a home health care RN). He showed up at our house about 30 minutes later with a car full of doors and I was positively giddy. A few days later, I knew just what to do with them and we got to work.

I can finally say the backyard bed feels more complete.

Backyard Bed by buildsewreap3

How about a closer shot?

Backyard Bed by buildsewreap2

How cool are those doors? Someone painstakingly put copper pipes across then wove some sort of flexible wood strips through them. They've obviously been outside for awhile too so they're nicely weathered with peeling paint and all.

The space has more privacy now and is so relaxing!

Backyard Bed by buildsewreap1
Ahhhhhh .... so nice

Backyard Bed by buildsewreap4
That relaxing thing lasted about 2 minutes for him.

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  1. How fun to have an outdoor bed! The doors totally complete it! So fun!


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