Random Thursday Pic

Just thought I'd share a picture I took earlier today. The Snickerdoodle insisted they wear their Halloween costumes to the store today.



  1. This just made my day!  I LOVE IT! I especially love the looks you get when your walking around with them! Our little guy wore just a cape over his shirt and the reaction was hilarious, can't imagine the reactions you got!

  2. I'd say Batman makes an appearance at least once a week and people just love it. He posed in front of the Batman movie display at our store the other day and people kept stopping and exclaiming that he was the real Batman. I love spreading the joy, I'm calling it my community service. I'm so glad I made their outfits warm. I actually had to replace Robin's tights with some little fleece pants I cranked out. 

    I think this is also good for the Snickerdoodle's shyness. I think he feels like he can take the extra attention when he has his mask on and I think that's just fine. He smiles at people and stands up straight to make sure he does Batman justice.


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