The Side Yard - Part 3

If you're wondering how many parts there will be to the side yard project, you're not alone. I was just wondering the same thing. Hopefully it won't end with "The Side Yard - Part 192" or some other such horrible never ending project type number.

If you'll recall, on May 8, I posted part 2 and reported we were at this point:

Shed Progress 0507

Mother's Day weekend was a total bust when it came to shed work. I strained my lower back (not shed related) and could barely move plus we had lots of commitments all weekend.

This weekend, Mr. BSR was man enough to keep the kids happy all weekend so I could work hard on this. He knows that few things make me happier (and more frustrated ironically enough) than a good in-over-my-head project so he's gracious enough to stand back and let me have my creative time on the weekends. I'm so thankful for my awesome husband.

I installed the rafters for the roof and got the plywood secured up there ready for the roofing paper and shingles.

Shed Ceiling 0520
Inside the shed looking up

I got most of the end wall and the whole front wall siding cut and attached.

Shed Progress 0520

And then because the baby fell asleep on Mr. BSR and I couldn't get any more siding pieces out from the wood storage (needed manly muscles for that task), I moved on to some organization for the inside of the shed:

Shed Shelves 0520

We currently have some shelves in our garage that are just stuffed full of cans of paint. I periodically look through them and honestly can't bring myself to let any of them go. I'd much prefer to move it all out to the shed though and then we'll have the garage shelves for tools and hardware that we want quick access to.

I felt pretty good about how productive I was this weekend but am really eager to get this part of the side yard project wrapped up. It'll likely take a few more weekends though - sigh.

Thank you for reading,

PS Wondering about the rounded corners on my photos? I did that back when I first started blogging but found it to be too cumbersome with the photo editing software I was using. I recently got turned on to PicMonkey.com made it super easy. I'm so glad to be able to return to this look. Check it out, it's free and doesn't even require any registration!


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