Oh No Piggy!

Since the Snickerdoodle had a piggy bank before he was even born, I figured it was high time Sugar Pop had a piggy bank for his room as well. After checking several stores, I found a really cute pig at a craft store. It was one of those white shiny ceramic pigs just begging to be painted. I wasn't going to paint it just yet until . . .


I got home from the store and he tumbled out of the bag and snapped an ear off. As you can see, I did my best to glue it back on but there was no disguising those cracks and missing pieces. After inadvertently teaching the Snickerdoodle some new vocabulary words, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade.

I now present to you . . .


Torn up tissue paper mod podged piggy. He's still shiny white and he's still super cute, he just doesn't have a giant obvious crack in his ear.

It was a simple project really. I just ripped up a bunch of white tissue paper then section-by-section, I coated the piggy with mod podge and stuck the tissue paper in it. I allowed the tissue to wrinkle up quite a bit as I like that textured look. I worked on him off and on for days, allowing him to dry before adding more here and there. When I was content with his texture, I painted him using the same semi-gloss paint I had used on the furniture and trim in the nursery. I painted back on the eyes and nose and put him in his new special spot on Claudia.

Someday I'll give some paints to Sugar Pop and let him decorate it himself but not until he gains a little small motor control.

Thank you for reading,


  1. Adorable!  You are so creative.

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