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Well, it seems as if once I finished decorating the nursery, my energy all just went down the drain. I'm just at the start of third trimester and boy do I feel it. I've been attempting to tackle some things on my to do list that I just know won't get done for months once the baby arrives but they're not fun things worth blogging about individually.

Here's one - I fixed the wall that I had originally patched poorly and I painted the ceiling in the bathroom. Unfortunately I never caught any photos that showed the mistake in the wall (it wasn't even something other people noticed but I did and I wanted it done right). I can show you where the problem started though. You see, when we moved into our house, the bathroom was U-G-L-Y and there was this giant built-in cabinet facing the toilet. When I gutted the bathroom soon after we moved in, that was the first thing to go but when I patched the wall, I didn't do a great job getting the new drywall flush with the old drywall. Here it is before and after (although you can't see the problem after):

SONY DSC                 DSC03178

So, I was able to check off 2 things that had been on my home improvement to do list for awhile
    ✔  Paint the bathroom ceiling
    ✔  Repair the bathroom wall
I also removed all the worn-out hook-and-loop tape from my first son's old Bum Genius cloth diapers. We LOVED the BG 3.0s but the tabs wore out in the laundry. I ordered the kits to replace the tabs but the pile was just sitting in my sewing area. Well, one day when I was feeling especially exhausted, I grabbed that stack and a stitch ripper and removed 48 tabs while sitting on the couch.


    ✔  Remove the hook-and-loop tabs on the BG diapers
Beyond those two more time consuming projects I've just been trying to stay ahead of housework, motherhood and we even enjoyed a visit from my parents who live in St. Louis. Oh, and I've been growing a little monkey in my belly.

Rock on little dude!!

See, aren't ya glad I didn't try to make a post out of each of those items (particularly housework and motherhood).

Thank you for reading,

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