T-Shirt Yarn Halloween Wreath

We've lived in our house for 2 1/2 years now and the only time I've bothered to hang a wreath was for Christmas so I wanted to add a Halloween one to our decorations box this year. I set out to create it using materials on hand so this is what I came up with:


I had tucked last year's live Christmas wreath in the back of our carport thinking I'd take it apart and, well, I guess taking 9 months to do that isn't awful, right? Anyway, I took it apart to find this metal wreath inside:


I then pulled out my ball of purple t-shirt yarn and cut it to about 6 inch lengths . . . many many many pieces. I also created some black as well as some white t-shirt yarn. I started out by tying one small strip on to the outside ring:


and continued to tie one after another after another after another ...


until I had tied pieces on all around both rings


Then I set the project aside until inspiration hit while at the grocery store. My store carries lots of non-grocery items as well and all their Halloween stuff is already marked down so I picked up a pack of glittery spiders. I used the same twist-ties that held them onto their packaging to hold them onto my wreath. Finally, I found a "Happy Halloween" I liked in the Silhouette store and created that in orange.


I'm happy with how my $2.99 (for the spiders) wreath turned out and as always, glad to have destashed a little in the process.


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  1. Oh, I really love this!  What a great idea, and so nice to be able to use old shirts.  Creative!

  2. Julie {build, sew, reap}October 8, 2011 at 1:02 PM

    Thank you! What's strange is that my husband has ended up with not one but two purple t-shirts from different employers over the last few years. If they didn't have logos on them, I'd wear them but they do and he didn't want them so I was more than happy to turn the non-logo portions into yarn. The black was from a cheap shirt I bought that stretched in the wrong direction (hello craft store shirt) and the white was an old shirt that had yellowed under the arms. I have enough cleaning rags so I've had a lot of fun turning old shirts into yarn instead. 

  3. Julie {build, sew, reap}October 8, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    Thank you. I originally thought I was just going to wrap the metal wreath frame with the t-shirt yarn but then when I got the greens off, I realized it wasn't as robust as I had expected so I moved on to the fringe look. It was a great SEATED activity on an afternoon when I was feeling particularly exhausted from this whole baby growing business. 


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