Stifled by indecisiveness

Ahhh nursery design . . . it is moving right along - even with a 1 week break to escape to the Oregon coast for some family time and some relaxation. I guess I should back up just a little though.

Last Monday we found out we're having another boy:

(Hi Tigger!!)

I had already decided to paint the walls of the nursery Olympic Paint's Lettuce Alone and had gotten three solid coats on before we headed to the ultrasound appointment (then straight out on vacation after that) so I had a whole week away to contemplate how to finish off the room for our little boy.


Ultimately I decided to keep it simple with the already acquired white furniture then accents of blue and red but here's where my indecision is getting to me . . .

To paint the wood trim and doors or not to.

Do you have thoughts on this? Of course, you haven't seen the room and I'm hiding it from you for now but I can tell you this, we have hardwood floors and small baseboards stained to match those hardwoods. The doors are very basic hollow 1960s stained wood doors with absolutely no architectural interest at all. Neither the baseboards nor the doors are in great shape BUT no other trim throughout the house is painted, everything is stained. I did paint the trim around the window because it was in terrible shape and I love the white. So what do you think . . . paint the baseboards and doors or leave well enough alone?


UPDATE: Here's a current picture as well as a digitally altered version with the white trim:

DSC02508               DSC02508

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  1. I love the white - go for it!

  2. Felicia at All Things FeeAugust 11, 2011 at 6:26 AM

    I like the white too, but don't want to make you do too much work!  

  3. Julie {}August 11, 2011 at 9:11 AM

    I decided to get the rug before making a final decision (see yesterday's Wordless Wednesday) and once that was in, I realized it would be a lot of work for not a whole ton of impact plus I'd have to buy more paint. So, I bailed on the idea and saved myself a few hours of prepping, priming and painting. The room is coming together slowly but surely. 

  4. Julie {}August 11, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    Thanks Stacey. I really did too but decided to get the rug before making a final decision and in the end, opted to save myself the time and expense of painting. I'm a little sad that the woodwork has been splattered with paint over the years so there are some parts that are in less than perfect shape but I think the room is so small that the furniture will cover most of it anyway. 

    I posted a picture yesterday in my Wordless Wednesday post that includes the rug . . . I love the extra white and before you think I'm nuts for having a white rug in a baby boy's room ... I should say it is from Ikea and can be hosed down in the back yard like we do for the Snickerdoodle's green rug when it gets dirty. 


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