Dreaming of Nursery Design

Recently my cousin, the amazingly talented Camille, posted some pictures on Facebook of a series of paintings she did called Buddhamals. I took one look at these and knew I had to beg her to sell them to me so I could design the nursery around them. She agreed and now my brain won't stop putting together the coolest zen nursery EVER!

Camille is a mother, photographer, graphic designer, painter, knitter and seems to be able to fearlessly attempt any craft and master it quickly. Check out her website here.

And without further ado, here are photos of her fabulous Buddhamals:




I'm so in love with each one of these, aren't they fabulous?!?!?!?

The nursery is pretty small, I think it's around 9ft by 11ft although that might be a generous estimate. Thankfully it has one large window so lighting is pretty good. I'm thinking the walls might end up a light apple green (something pulled but toned down from the monkey painting above) with accents of purple if it's a girl and maybe orange if it's a boy. I reserve the right to change my mind, a lot, I'm still wrestling with all of that. I'm going to make the final decision once I get all my sewing stuff cleared out. All the furniture will be white and in fact, we already picked up a white mini crib off of Craigslist so we're on our way!

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