Lazy Sunday Morning

I love our weekend arrangement . . . S is a morning person so he gets up at 7 with O and they let me sleep as long as I need to. Some days that means 7:30, many days it means 8:30. Either way, it feels so good to just sleep until my body says it has had enough rest rather than the 3 year old telling me I've had enough rest. This morning I slept until 8:30 then sent S back to bed for awhile so he could read quietly and enjoy some quiet alone time with a good book and the cat. While he was in our room, O and I taped some paper down to the coffee table and go to work designing a town with all the necessary stops. Once S got up, he joined in on the fun too.



We even built some tunnels out of toilet paper tubes although only the little matchbox cars fit through.


O doesn't mind going around with the bigger trucks though.


S does slightly more detailed work than I do.


"Can you please draw a parking lot next to the fire station?" (How did I overlook that? Our fire station has a parking lot, duh!)



Notice most of the cars have ended up down in the parking lot for Jump Planet . . . go figure!

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