A Custom Gift for Mighty Max

Today was O's good friend Max's 3rd birthday party. I had picked up a gift for him awhile back but yesterday we went to the Seattle Public Library Book Sale and I stumbled upon a book called Mighty Max that inspired me. I bought the book, cleaned it up and even changed all the references to "Maxwell" to "Maximilian" in honor of our Max.


It also hit me that this would be an even better gift if I made Max his very own red cape. Have you ever made a cape? They're SO easy!! I didn't take pictures along the way as I actually cranked it out this morning (was feeling sick yesterday - darn pregnancy hormones) and was in a bit of a hurry to get it done before the party. I'll have to create a tutorial when I make one for O (he tried on Max's and I had to wrestle it back off him). There are lots of great tutorials out there though if you're in a hurry to make one yourself. Here's the end product of what I made this morning though:


I used my Silhouette and iron on stuff to create the sort of wonky M (intentionally a bit wonky). I thought it was cuter than just a straight one. The whole project only took about an hour and I just know he's going to love it.

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