Mini Alphabet Blocks

Today we popped into Staples for something and saw a bag of mini blocks in the dollar bins. I grabbed them and cranked out a super simple project O is already enjoying. As much as he would enjoy just plain blocks, I wanted to add some letters to them. Here's a quick tutorial on making your own wooden letter blocks.

Start with some blocks, some appropriately sized rubber stamps and a stamp pad:


I liked that the wooden blocks we found were already fun colors and came in a bag of 72. I figured out that meant I had 432 surfaces to stamp (ugh). Based on that, I decided to stamp each letter 10 times, each number 3 times and each punctuation a bunch of times (my math got sloppier as I went along). Then in the end, I went back and added about 5 more of each vowel.

Start stamping:


Stamp some more:


And keep at it long after your fingers start to hurt:


Enlist some child labor if you have to:


Then sit back and enjoy your creation:


Oh, and I suppose if you're feeling generous, let your kid(s) play with them too.

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