Superhero Party Invitations

We just celebrated the Snickerdoodle's 5th birthday this past Saturday. We love going up and over the top with the themes he picks and this year he wanted to do a superhero party. We knew that would be loads of fun so we approved his request and ran with it.

I looked around online for a website that would allow me to create my own comic for the invitations. I ended up using Pixton. I found their site was easy to use and had enough flexibility for me to make what I wanted to. Here's the final product:


I uploaded the file to (my favorite place to order cards) and set some to be sent straight to our friends and a stack of others for us to hand out to those we see regularly in person. The ones that were sent out by cardstore were sent as postcards which I thought was fun. For the ones we handed out ourselves, I put each one in a brightly colored envelope:


The invitations were a huge hit and they set the stage for the super fun party on Saturday. Next post - Superhero party decorations!

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  1. LOVE these invites! So clever. What a great party theme!

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