What's Cookin? Week Ending 2/9

Well, sadly, about the only thing cooking this past week was the toddler. That poor little dude got hit HARD by a flu virus and he spent a good part of the week with awful fevers and all the suffering that goes along with them. He maxed out at 104.4 which is the highest fever I've ever directly witnessed and it was scary. He's totally fine now though so we're all so glad that passed.


I guess one good thing that came from his illness was that he took some good naps. After spending hours holding him and trying to console him through the pain, as soon as he went down (still twice per day), I bolted outside to get some work done in the garden.

You might recall that we picked up three yards of cedar play chips to spread throughout the side yard. We were originally going to grow grass but it hit me one day that in 2 years that grass would be infested with clover and we'd be irritated so we got wood chips instead. We worked tirelessly to spread it around then I added in edgers around the granite garden path to hold the wood chips back.


It is really coming along over there. I think it'll actually be ready in time for planting season.

We also decided to cut down a couple of trees in the back yard. It really opened things up but we've got two active boys on our hands so we're thinking room to run is more important than shade.


The sawsall did not cut through that tree. If we had put the right blade on, that might have worked but ultimately I think my husband got it down with the chain saw. I'm not positive, I was inside icing my shin after I accidentally smacked it with the blunt end of the ax.

So that's what's up at our house. Fevers, yard work, garden building, dreaming, scheming and living life to the fullest.

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