What's Cookin? Week Ending 2/2

This is a new weekly post I'm trying out to keep track of the things I cook and craft throughout the week. I do a lot of stuff that isn't worthy of its own blog or is such a close copy of someone else's idea that I don't feel right posting my version of it (unless I can add to the discussion).

I started out the week making a new batch of deodorant. This stuff really lasts for quite awhile. If you haven't tried making your own deodorant yet, please check out my version. It is the first deodorant that has consistently worked for me and I don't have to worry at all about putting strange chemicals on my skin.

I also continued on my search for a great vegan breakfast sausage that I can make and keep in the freezer for the boys. This recipe from Hell Yeah It's Vegan was a bit closer but still not quite to our liking. I adapted it with my own spices for a second batch and it was pretty good but still not a clear Morningstar Farms replacement. I plan to continue to tinker with it and will surely post my recipe once I get it right. I was thinking of trying out this sausage spice mix to see how the flavor turns out. UPDATE: They don't keep well in the fridge. The baby eats them but I about gagged when I tried one.

I made our favorite vegan lunch/dinner sausages at the end of the week. They're so simple and so so delicious. VeganDad makes the version we liked the best after I tried several out on the family awhile back. I find that they're best if you brown them in a nonstick pan before serving. The baby doesn't mind them just steamed but we all like it when I toast up the outsides a bit. They're wonderful with a little spicy mustard.

Finally, we also had some vegan risotto, also by VeganDad. The family loves this but I do need to remember not to put in the full amount of nutritional yeast. They're not quite used to the flavor just yet.

The week wasn't particularly inspired, we leaned on a lot of old favorites. I guess it was just one of those weeks. The weekend was packed full of work out in the garden though so I'll be sure to post some of those pictures in a few days.

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  1. I have never even considered making my own deordorant?!  Can't believe it really works?! 


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