Think Outside the Litterbox

Do you have a cat who can't seem to figure out how to get her entire body into the litter box? I've found this to be the case particularly when cats get old. They walk in, they do their business then we're left with the mess that didn't make it inside. We used to have a cat who would then refuse to use her litter box until the mess was cleaned up. You can imagine what that meant for our rugs when she did the mess at 10pm and we didn't realize it until the next morning. Truth be told ... that little habit cost us a very nice hand-knot wool rug. It just wouldn't come clean after so many accidents. Anyway, here's my solution:


In front of the cat box is a brownie pan with a wire mesh cookie cooling rack that sits securely on top of it. The legs of the cooling rack actually sort of snap over the top of the brownie pan but that was mere coincidence (and total luck). At any rate, this has been a great solution for us for several years.

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