The Side Yard - Part 9

Even I'm getting bored with the slow progress of the side yard! Sigh ... these posts help ME realize that we're actually getting some stuff done though.

Here's where we were on September 26, when I last posted about it:


Since then, I ripped up the path (again) and started laying it in sanded concrete, built a sandbox for the boys (I'm including that as side yard even though it is in the back yard because it was a result of side yard excess materials), and started the bench to the pergola. The hubs has been all kinds of busy out in the yard moving trees and bushes around to prepare for our planned fruit trees and blueberry bushes, he finished ripping the hardware out of all the crapport wood and cut up the pieces we couldn't salvage so we can use those for firewood this winter, he weeded, and heavens knows what else. He's been busy. So, here are some progress pictures:

The pergola with the bench support:


And the path, now with concrete:

DSC01669    DSC01673

The hardest part about laying the path is I have to carve out chunks of about 40 minutes when nobody can need me. This is not an easy task with 2 small children. That means I can't make any progress unless the hubs is home. Why 40 minutes? That's about what it takes to prep the area, mix a bag of the concrete, pour it, level it then piece together the granite in a pleasing way. Then I have to watch out for The Snickerdoodle who *forgets* he's not supposed to walk on the path when I've just laid a new section. It is almost finished though. I have to leave about 2 feet unfinished at the driveway end because we're getting a new driveway in a few weeks and they asked to have some room to work but once that's laid, I can finish up the path to there.

We may not get to put down grass seed this year as it is getting pretty late in the season to try to put down sensitive new seed and we can't put it down until after they lay the driveway. It is disappointing to me but we'll be ready to jump on that next spring when the temperatures warm back up again.

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  1. As slow as it might seem, you've made so much progress!! Looks great!


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