The Side Yard - Part 8

I haven't written a blog post about this project in a few weeks (August 15 was the last side yard post) because we haven't been around a whole lot on the weekends so progress has been slow.

Here's where we were at the last post:

Progress 0812

Since then, we finished leveling the dirt, I laid the remaining 45 feet of retaining wall, finished the path, pulled the path up, laid the path again (wider and supposedly sturdier although that's proving to not be the case), added a lip around the top of each of the planter beds and started the "Crapport Memorial Pergola."


I'm building the pergola and the bench under it out of pieces of wood salvaged from the carport we removed from this side yard. Most likely it will sit on a cement slab and I'd like to eventually get grape vines or something else that will climb up and over it and produce something edible. Here's a closer shot of it:


I guess we've chipped away at it and gotten more done than I had originally thought. It's nice to document it periodically so I don't feel like we aren't getting anything done over there. I also have to remind myself we were out of town for 9 days (over 2 weekends) and everyone has been sick at one point or another.

And to think I used to be able to bust something like this out in just a handful of weekends. Kids sure change everything don't they?

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