No Slip Legs

The baby has been trying to crawl lately but we have hardwoods throughout our house and not a lot of rugs so he slips and slides all the time. I know that babies have been adapting to this problem for ages but I knew I had materials on hand to help him out. I made him some leg warmers with no-slip grip on the knees and shins. Here's what I did:

I cut two rectangles of some stretchy lightweight fleece I had on hand. I used some Baby Legs he already had to decide on how wide to cut them. You could just wrap the fleece around your little one's leg to see how big to cut it.

Then I cut two ovals out of that weird foamy no-slip grip stuff they sometimes use under rugs or as placemats (why is it that this product can be used for both? Weird).


I couldn't sew this with my sewing machine because the machine foot wouldn't glide along the non slip stuff. I even tried my teflon foot which I use for sewing on PUL but it still wouldn't move. So I got some embroidery floss and just did a big stitch all around the edge.


Make sure you don't do any long stitches underneath or little toes could get stuck while you're putting them on.

Then I just stitched up the long side to make a tube:


Then I slid them on the little guy:


He checked them out then set off trying to crawl:


Thank you for reading,


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