Fresh Front Entry

Our front door has gone through a lot of phases. Here is what it looked like when we bought the house:

2009 House

And then just for the sake of reference, here's a photo I took after I painted the shutters (when I said I was going to paint them red, my husband said, "We have shutters?")

2010 House

And now back to door talk. You may recall that I picked up a storm door off Freecycle last year and installed it:

2011 House

Well, that served its purpose but one day I was running out of the house in a hurry and the wind was really blowing so when I opened the door, I wasn't holding on to it and it blew right off the frame. It even took some frame with it, ugh.

So we went without a storm door for the remainder of the rainy season but once the weather finally shaped up, I announced to Mr. BSR that it was time for us to make the big investment in a good quality storm door that would last us years to come. Oh, and I had to replace all the molding too. He was on board so we picked out this beauty and I installed it one day. All. Day. Long.

New Storm Door 2012

The final piece to this ongoing project was to paint the front door which I finally have. After much deliberation, I opted to paint it red to match the shutters. Originally, before either storm door, we talked about painting it but not red because we felt it would be too much red on our little house. Once we put up the storm door, we thought that would break up the boldness a bit and it does. I love it, the red is so welcoming.



I love these little projects that pack a big punch!

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  1. Awesome! And the meaning behind a red door and how it originated is great as well!


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