The Side Yard - Part 4

As you may recall from The Side Yard - Part 3, here's where we were on May 20:

Shed Progress 0520

Well, with nice weather and a three day weekend, we got a ton done! Mr. BSR got most of the shingles on the roof but we ran out with just one row left. We still need to trim the excess but it looks great and now I don't have to sweat the inevitable rain storms over the next week.

Shed Progress 0528

I fixed some of the incorrectly cut siding and finished up all the remaining larger pieces.

Shed progress end 0528

While fixing the incorrectly cut triangle up top there, it hit me that I could create an access door to load lumber up to 12 feet long up overhead. Here it is with a spare piece of trim holding the door open (so I could take the picture).

Shed lumber access door 0528

The door locks shut with some simple gate hardware. I doubt we'll put an actual lock on it but we have the option. Mostly I just wanted something that would hold it shut.

Shed Lumber loft lock

I also framed out the ceiling of the firewood cubby. This wasn't in the original plan but came about as part of the lumber loft access door brainstorm. I haven't added the red trim to this end and we obviously need to trim the shingles but you can probably see some of my vision here.

Shed unfinished firedwood cubby 0528

The Snickerdoodle thinks he has his very own truck parking garage now. I decided not to crush his dream just yet.

I also built the door and hung it although I'm going to have to take the hardware off one piece at a time to paint. I was eager to get the door on though because we're supposed to get rain this week and I don't want the inside of the shed getting any wetter than it was last week.

Shed door unpainted 0528

So there you have it, we made great progress. I need to finish painting the small edges of all the trim (probably should have done that before putting it up, duh) and the door plus I need to trim out the firewood cubby. Actually, there's a pretty long list of things I still need to do to this project but I'm thrilled with this weekend's progress.

Did you have any big projects on your plate this weekend? I'd love to hear about them!

Thank you for reading,

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