Soccer Birthday Party - The Invitations

The Snickerdoodle wanted to have a Seattle Sounders FC themed birthday party to celebrate turning 4 and I was thrilled to give him that (it sure beat his first suggestion of Geotrax). He's completely obsessed with soccer, even wears his Sounders jersey at least twice a week and sports his awesome soccer socks pulled up past his knees OVER his pants to simulate shorts since I won't let him wear shorts in the winter. I immediately knew I wanted to create a fake game ticket to send out to his friends as an invitation. Here's the ticket we had on hand that I used as a template:

Sounders ticket
(sorry it is so grainy, I took a photo of the ticket using my phone and this is all I have of it now)

And here's the ticket I created using basic photo editing software:


If you think you need fancy photo editing software for something like this, you're wrong! I used paintbrush (the image editing that comes with all windows PCs) to do this particular project. It just takes a little patience and creativity. 

For extra fun (and to make sure nobody thought we were just sending a graphic photo of the little big guy, I tucked each one into a custom ticket envelope then put the envelope in a regular business sized envelope to send.

Ticket Invitation Envelope

These envelopes were really easy to make. I created a template on my computer, just using MS Word using using a series of boxes with light grey (so they'd print but wouldn't be easy to see if I didn't cut exactly on the lines) borders. Then I cut each one out, mostly using my paper cutter with a few snips with the scissors.

Ticket envelope before folding

Then I flipped it over, laid a ticket in place.


I folded the side tabs in first.


Then folded up the bottom and glued it down to the side tabs (careful not to glue the ticket itself).


I used my corner clipper to round out both of the corners on the flap.


Then folded down the flap.


And that's it, a ticket envelope!!

Ticket Invitation Envelope

What kinds of fun invitations have you made? Please feel free to include a link if you've blogged about one.

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