How to freeze soup

When I make soup or pasta sauce, I make a HUGE pot of it then freeze all but what I think I'll eat in a week. I just finished prepping a bunch of my mushroom barley soup (I'll blog the recipe just as soon as I figure out how I make it) and thought I'd share one method for freezing single serving soups:


For soups I like to use my large muffin tins then usually heat up 2 at a time to make a serving for myself or just one for the Snickerdoodle. Just fill them up and cover with plastic wrap. When they're frozen through, pop them out and put them in zipper bags or use your vacuum sealer to preserve them even longer.

BTW, I do recommend the Ziploc vacuum bag system. What I like about this over my FoodSaver is that I can load several servings into one bag and take out just what I need but I can still reseal the bag and suck out the air. With the FoodSaver system, that doesn't always work. They each have their time and place in my kitchen.

Anyway, if you don't have a muffin tin to freeze stuff this way, you can also load soup into individual food storage containers, freeze then pop them out and bag them up.

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  1. Thanks for solving difficult situation. I had never thought that way. I have a foodsaver vacuum sealer. It really great work what you want.


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