The New Kitchen, Part 4

Thank you for returning for part 4 of The New Kitchen series. I've redone the floor, changed out the cabinet pulls and completely refaced/refinished one upper cabinet as an inspiration piece. This project grew quickly but after seeing the first completed cabinet, I was really encouraged by my vision and eager to complete the project. Today I'm going to walk through the process of finishing all the top cabinets.

First I took off all the doors, emptied out all the cabinets and scrubbed them out to prepare them for a coat of Kilz low voc / low odor primer.


I roughed up the gloss a bit with a sanding sponge, wiped it all down again with a damp rag and started priming.


Then I started painting the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. I was VERY thorough, even reaching into the far backs of the cabinets and painting the ceiling inside the cabinets which I'm so glad I did because now, more than 6 months later, it still looks amazing.

yay_blue_paint          work_work

I trimed out each of the cabinet doors out on the back patio, finishing them as I had the sample door.


Once the structure was ready, I started the process of priming, sanding, painting, sanding and painting some more until they were all finished, fully dry and ready to come back inside.


The final step was to hang all the cabinet doors back where they belonged, attach the pulls (now vertical) and stand back to admire the change (did someone change the lightbulb? It's bright in there!!).


There you have it, the top cabinets are completed. Next up, making up new tasks and how to lose an entire Saturday moving a dishwasher.

Thank you for reading

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  1. Did you have trouble re-attaching the doors? We recently purchased an old (like pre-1900) house and you can clearly see where the cabinet doors have been previously removed and re-hung. There are at least 2 sets of holes from the hinges, plus the ones that are currently being used. Some of the doors were even falling off because the hinges were pulling out of the wood. This makes me really, really hesitant to take the doors off. FYI the cabinets are built-ins and hunter green cabinet with dark wood doors ... YUCK! They have to change but new cabinets are not in the budget! Thanks!


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