The New Kitchen, Part 2

Today I'm continuing on with the kitchen remodel series. I've broken down the parts in hopes that you'll see that you too can update your kitchen if you just attack it in little bits and pieces. Anything is possible with a little elbow grease, some patience and the will to get the job done. As you'll recall, my first attempt to make the kitchen acceptible was to lay down peel and stick floor tile.

The next thing I went after was the hardware. A couple of the drawer pulls were actually repaired with clear packing tape and another was held together with white medical tape. They were chipping and falling apart and just screamed "original to the home" every time I looked at them. It was bad enough they were mounted at an angle but they were also just plain ugly. Heck, I couldn't even manage to give them away on craigslist after I removed them. They've long since been sent off to the dump.

I wish I had a good detail shot of the pulls but I wasn't thinking how great it would be to look back on how ugly they were, I was thinking how great it would be once they were gone. In lieu of a close-up shot, here's the full kitchen picture again to remind you where we started:

Kitchen Before

I did my research and headed off to Home Depot again (or maybe it was Lowes this time, I can't remember) and I purchased the least expensive but still attractive handles I could find.

new cabinet hardware

I wasn't dedicated enough to the project to redrill the holes to make them straight (instead of angled) but the look was certainly an improvement.


Those little improvements bought me some time and I was content to leave things alone since we really didn't have the budget to do anything major. Of course, my mind started to spin. I'd see cabinet doors I really liked and dream of a day when our cabinets weren't stained a dark brown with too much clear coating over the top. Then one day a job landed in my lap . . . something I could do on my own time, set my own hourly rate and do as much as I could manage for a couple of months. I worked myself silly and collected those checks and when things started to slow down I treated us to a new mattress and a new kitchen, yes, a new kitchen.

Stay tuned for another new kitchen post tomorrow!

Thank you for reading

The New Kitchen, Part 1


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