Master Bedroom Mural

It seems like the master bedroom is always the last room to get a makeover while many homeowners work hard to make the more public areas look great. I think the belief is that nobody sees the master bedroom so it falls low on the priority list but in the interest of making US happy, I decided our bedroom needed to be a sanctuary. The only problem was that although I didn't leave it completely undecorated from the start, I did wait until the rest of the house was basically finished before adding any special touches and guess what . . . the budget was pretty slim. I started brainstorming and digging around online for ideas when I decided a mural on the wall would be a perfect way to ground the bed. We had purchased one gallon of the wrong color paint when we were originally painting the walls of our bedroom so I knew I had that to work with. Pulling inspiration from our bedspread and wanting to create a relaxing atmosphere for us, I decided to do a freehand organic mural covering the entire wall. I used an angled 1 1/2 inch paint brush and just kept painting until it looked right. This took about 2 1/2 hours one evening.


Custom Headboard - BedroomAt the time we didn't have a headboard and although I had hoped the mural would be enough, it just wasn't. The next day I dug up a piece of plywood, some foam, batting, an old bed sheet we didn't like because it was too thick and 4 buttons I could cover with fabric.
Bedroom LampI didn't take pictures as I created this but here's a nice video tutorial on the DIY Network. There are lots of tutorials out there and as much as I'd like to show you my basic one, I think you can probably get some great inspiration doing some Google legwork of your own.

I updated the whole room with some new sage green sheets and white lampshades to finish off the look.

In the end, I created a serene bedroom with a well grounded bed. The room finally had polish and a centerpiece and we love the organic feel.

Mural Wall - Bedroom

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