Tree Platform - Day 2

This morning I got to volunteer in the library at school during big kid's class. That put me on the road at about 9:45 but I made good time and rolled up to the property at around 11. Today I didn't have to unload a bunch of lumber so I was able to load up my wagon with my tools and get right to work.

Unfortunately I failed to take pictures of the first major thing I did but I'll remind you where I left off yesterday:

4/18 in Silverton

My main goal today was to get the other long piece up on the opposite side of the tree which I accomplished despite all it's protests - holy moly that thing gave me trouble! I also wanted to start on the perpendicular pieces and I did get 1 screwed in to the tree. What I wasn't planning on, though, was having to add the vertical 4x4 supports at the far end. I'm glad I grabbed that lumber as I ran out the door this morning because the long beams definitely needed a boost on that end.

I knew I'd need to be pretty precise about where I set the bases for those 4x4s but I didn't have a tool to measure plumb. No worries! I had spare washers and a spool of string that lives in my tool bag.

Day 2 of the platform build

I tied the string around the washer then drove a small nail into the end of the beam and hung the string from that nail. This told me right where the support 4x4 should be installed in the ground.

Day 2 of the platform build

Day 2 of the platform build

You know what's hard? Staring into the sun as you try to take a picture down at something while also standing on one's toes. I was determined to get this shot though. Sorry it's a tad blurry in the foreground but you get the idea.

I used one of those black post supports you see lying there to hold the 4x4 in the ground. I cut the 4x4 to length using my chain saw, secured it into the black thing that I had pounded into the ground, then secured one of the long beams to the post using a joist hanger.

Next, I set about doing the same for the other beam but I realized I wanted to get them to run parallel a bit better so I had to pull them towards one another. I wasn't strong enough to both hold them together AND screw a cut-to-size 2x4 all up over my head so I turned to my trusty ratcheting strap from my car.

Day 2 of the platform build

Hooray for creating an extra hand!

I then used the same technique to find the spot directly below that second beam, installed the black post holder, cut the post to length, and installed it.

Day 2 of the platform build

As you can see, I also started tossing the 10' long 2"x6" cross beams up top before I stopped to take a picture. Before I put the ladder up, I managed to screw one of the cross beams into the tree but then ran out of time.

Here's how I left things today after 2 hours of work time:

Day 2 of the platform build

The deck of the platform will sit nearly 8' up from the base of the tree. Just beyond this tree there's a gulch. That gulch likes to hide in pictures but it makes it feel like this platform is WAY up the tree when you look off the other side. Next time I go out, I'll take some pictures of the view.

The kids are starting to get curious why I keep going out there. They know I'm up to something but I'm not giving up the secret. They're going to LOVE this build but they can't go up there until it's safe so I've got lots more work to do.

Day 2 of the platform build

Bye platform! See you soon!

Thank you for reading,


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