DIY Queen Sized Storage Bed

Believe it or not, my lack of blogging has nothing to do with the fact that I've had nothing to show, it's that I've been SUPER busy and can't seem to both take on all the projects I want to do AND take the pictures and post the projects. It weighs on my mind as I want to keep a log of my projects and I love sharing my ideas but it's been a struggle.

But, leaving all that behind, I have to share that I built a bed and I'm totally in love with it. We've been sleeping on a foam mattress sitting on plywood on top of a box springs foundation in a frame and not only is that not ideal support for the foam mattress but it's a ton of wasted storage space since the box springs are unnecessary.

I took inspiration from all of Pinterest as well as a few google images searches but have kept this Ana-White page open for weeks. I haven't had many big blocks of time to work on the project which really turned out for the best because I was able to change and adapt my original plan to create what I'm now so totally thrilled with.

So, without further rambling, here's my new bed:

Storage Bed - 6

There's a lot of great storage along each side of the bed. My biggest issue to solve was the shoe explosion and nowhere to put them in our small bedroom. Mr. BSR and I share a small closet and there's just not room for shoes unless I want my clothing dragging on them as I have a low hanging bar. So, now that problem is solved:

Storage Bed - 7

The headboard and footboards are built with 4x4 supports, pre-cut MDF trim in various sizes, and some beautifully weathered fence boards I recycled from a local mom's garden. I love how they're a bit wonky.

Storage Bed - 8

Storage Bed - 9

BUT WAIT! It gets better!

When I designed the side storage units, I didn't want them to be so deep that we'd be constantly losing stuff to the back of the cubbies so there's still a ton of space up the middle of the bed.

Storage Bed - 12

I have one large size storage box shoved in there for this picture (it caught the flash from the camera) so you can see that it's really deep and actually quite wide. I plan to stash a bunch of out of season clothing in there but for easy access to some storage, I built a drawer on wheels.

Storage Bed - 4

What a surprise, my cat is in the drawer. That boy was ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS throughout the build and I kept having to retrieve him from the center storage area. This gives you an idea of how big the drawer is though, that's a 150lb cat. Ok, just kidding, he's about 12lbs though, not a petite kitty.

I built a basic box out of some scrap wood then I added casters and attached it to the center panel of the footboard.

Storage Bed - 11

Also, I didn't finish the back of the headboard or the footboard because I love seeing the natural wood when I peek behind.

The whole drawer slides in and out from the outer frame of the footboard.

Storage Bed - 2

I'm so madly in love with my new bed.

Storage Bed - 1

Have you ever built a bed? I'd love to see your creations via a link in the comments on this post or on Facebook.

Thank you for reading,


  1. Do you have measurements and walk through for this project...would love to make this!

  2. These days I don't know anyone who has the luxury to not want a storage bed in their bedroom. The amount of space that you can slide in the space under the mattress is too good to ignore!

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