How To Create Narrow Painter's Tape

Tonight I found myself needing some thin painter's tape. I was looking for something in the 1/4 inch range but had some wiggle room on that measurement. I looked around online to see if the product even existed and figured out I wasn't going to find it at any stores nearby so I got to thinking.

After a couple of hours if it quietly simmering in the back of my mind, it hit me. All I needed was a thick rubber band, an exacto knife, and a roll of any width painter's tape.
Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

Now let me break it down for you one step at a time.

First, grab that nice wide rubber band and stretch it around your roll of tape ensuring it lays flat.

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

Lay the roll of tape on its side on a flat surface and gently press the rubber band all the way to the edge.

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

This is how it should look now.

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

Now using your craft/exacto knife, score all the way around the roll of tape, using the rubber band as a guide. Watch that you don't move the band by accident.

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

Now remove the rubber band and using gentle pressure, cut around the roll of tape with the knife in the line you just scored. Go around and around and around as many times as it takes to create enough tape for yourself.

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

See how my knife was getting pretty deep into the roll here?

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

I needed quite a bit so I kept at it for a few minutes, until my knife was nearly all the way to the cardboard at the center of the roll. If it still isn't enough, I'll repeat this process using the opposite side of the roll of tape.

Here's the nice narrow 1/4 inch wide painter's tape, ready for my project!

Creating Narrow Painter's Tape

Check back in soon to see the latest project I'm working on. I'm hoping to finish it up over the next few days. Yippee!

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