Porch Swing

I alluded to the addition of a porch swing to our brand new front porch in my last post so I wanted to follow up with close up shots of it. I took inspiration from a post on Ana White's blog.

I knew as soon as I finished the porch that it needed a swing but didn't want to spend much money on it so I ended up using scrap wood to make it. I also dug up some cushions I had from a seat we threw away awhile back and the throw pillow is from the Snickerdoodle's original nursery back in our apartment.

(Please excuse the strange picture, I really wanted to get this post written up but it was already dark out when I realized I never took proper pictures of it)


The Snickerdoodle has logged countless hours swinging on this swing. He fits on it perfectly, even lying down. He loves to just go out there and take some time to himself swinging gently in the shade. It makes me so happy that he enjoys it so much.

Speaking of being happy, I'll leave you with this:


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  1. Adorable! This is so sweet. I saw a post today and was thinking of you...another use for cribs: http://coconutheadsurvivalguide.com/crib-to-pergola-transformation/

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