Colorful Bucket Hose Storage

Last summer I picked up a few soaker hoses and a regular garden hose off of Freecycle. I was trying to figure out where to store them (besides tossed under our rhododendron trees) when I got the idea to hang them on buckets on the wall of one of the sheds. The next time I went to Hobby Lobby, there happened to be a sale on their spring stuff so I picked up four brightly colored metal buckets for around $3 each and I screwed two of them into the wall of the shed. I'm loving how this turned out and as an added bonus, I can toss the hose nozzles with rubbery handles in the buckets and they don't slide out.


Here's a closer shot:

Bucket Hose Storage

This was a quick and easy solution that has really worked for us over the past couple of months.

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