What's Cookin - Week Ending 3/9

Well, I missed last week. I learned an important lesson and that's that I need to keep this post running all week then post it at the end of the week rather than trying to remember all the stuff I looked up. I remember cooking something from a recipe I found online early in the week and thinking, "Oh man, I have to share this, this is fantastic." Guess what? I completely forgot what it was by the time the weekend rolled around. So sad.

I've been pouring all my spare time into building out the chicken coop. We are getting so excited to get chickens but their home still isn't ready. I'm hoping with the time change I will be able to take advantage of more of the time after the kids go to bed.


Oh sigh, and now it's already Thursday and I've been trying to write this post for days but have been out in that darn chicken coop every night until late late late before falling into bed (late late later).

I'm going to cut my losses and post pictures I took a few days ago of where we are with the coop.

We got the posts in the ground for the chicken yard and then I framed it and added the roofing:



The inside is coming along nicely too. I'm trying not to spend much money on this since we have building materials and paint coming out of our ... never mind. Anyway, I picked up a free can of paint at the Ace free paint event on Saturday but that was just a little quart so it essentially served as primer for the white low odor / no VOC semi-gloss we had in the other shed. It'll be easier to clean with the semi-gloss on the walls than if we left them unfinished.


Here's a shot of the whole thing from the garden side (you can see the pvc structure to hold the plastic that the tomatoes will grow under in order to keep them warm and happy in our cool NW weather). The vertical stripes on the back of the shed will eventually be painted over. There was some trim there that got in my way so I ripped it off and repurposed it inside the coop.


I think someone wants to know when we'll be done with this latest project. I think he's eager to try his first egg. Thus far, he's been about 98% vegan but I think once we have our chickens settled, it'll be time to see how he feels about eggs.


Now I'm going to work on some posts for some stuff I've been making in the kitchen. I think I've perfected my waffle recipe and am ready to share plus I made some peanut butter that the family devoured in a week. What's cookin' in your home?

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