Another Kitchen Update

I guess it's natural that a room I spend so much time in gets my attention so often. I grew restless with the kitchen yet again and set out to make some updates. I'm going to take you through a little recap first though.

Our kitchen just after we bought the house:


I removed the microwave shelf (above dishwasher) and added bookshelves, changed out the cabinet hardware and laid peel-and-stick tile to cover the ugly scratched vinyl flooring:


Our kitchen after a lengthy low budget (under $400) remodel that I did:


Then I redid the counters using paint:


And the latest - I picked up a doorless base cabinet for free off of Craigslist, built doors, added a fake drawer front and built an upper cabinet to match all the rest of the cabinets.

DSC02399         DSC02397

 I also cut a hole in the butcher block counter top (from Ikea) to hold two containers.


I was thinking that these could hold ingredients when I'm working on a big project or waste when I'm prepping (I can just slide stuff off to the right and they'll fall right into the bins). I've already used one to hold flour as I was kneading the dough for our Thanksgiving dinner rolls.

That base cabinet more than doubled the storage space I had in that area which is really exciting for me. Our kitchen obviously isn't very big so I need to make the best of every square inch. I also love having an additional upper cabinet that now holds many of the bulk ingredients I use in so much of my cooking.

The project was really frustrating with lots of little adjustments along the way but in the end, I'm glad I pushed through the frustrations and now have 4 more feet of useful counter space with lots of new storage.

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  1. Not sure if your planning on composting for your raised beds, but those containers would be perfect to put your compost scraps in and then dump in your compost!


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