The Side Yard - Part 6

Whoooo boy, it was a scorcher out there this past weekend:


Now for those of you not in the PNW who have been deling with temperatures this high and higher, I've got just 2 words for you: Air Conditioning. Why do I mention this? Because, like most homes in the Seattle area, we don't have it. So, yes, it wasn't as hot as you've had it but we have no escape when it gets that high. We soldiered on though and made some great progress moving ...


... the dirt.

Once we got all the bigger rocks removed from the construction side of the yard, and raked things relatively level, we had the neighbor come over with his tractor to transfer the 7 yards of dirt you see above over to the correct side of the driveway. The dump truck couldn't do that because we weren't ready AND there's a power line above where we're working so it would have been tough to raise the truck bed.

Once the dirt was in the right place, we started distributing it. Honestly, Mr. BSR did most of the work here but I was able to put Sugar Pop down for a little while so I could get my shovel on. BTW, this little tent was a fantastic purchase. It keeps the little guy in the shade AND keeps him from rolling himself over to the edge of a blanket where he can get to dirt ... which he likes to eat.


Here's Mr. BSR hard at work:

(I think my man is smokin' hot)

We filled up the beds:


Spread a couple of inches of the good soil around throughout:


And got most of that heap of soil distributed.


Here's our to-do list still remaining on this project (off the top of my head):

  • Finish shed details
  • Create(?) and lay down step-stones
  • Create some sort of waste bin parking area
  • Extend retaining wall the full length of the area
  • Seed/fertilize the entire area for grass
  • Build out the beds as appropriate for spring planting
  • Mural for the back of the old shed
  • New fence between us and the neighbors - something decorative and with a gate
  • New gate for between the house and the old shed
The list looks short but each of those items will take many hours so we're just attacking it one little bite at a time.

Thank you for reading

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