Minor Sanding Without the Mess

Have you ever wondered if there's a good use for those return envelopes you get with junk mail sometimes? Have you ever avoided sanding down spackle on a wall because you didn't want to make a mess? Are you wondering how these two things are related??

BSR_Sanding Tip07

This is how the floor used to look when I sanded:

BSR_Sanding Tip12

Now, thanks to a lightly folded envelope (to keep it open) and a strip of blue painter's tape, even a project this big:

BSR_Sanding Tip02

Is no longer messy!  (ok, it isn't huge but would have made lots of dust on the couch)

Just tape the envelope to the wall and sand down the dried spackle.

BSR_Sanding Tip08

See, the mess is contained.

BSR_Sanding Tip10

And the wall is ready for new paint!

BSR_Sanding Tip11

Got any tips of your own? I'd love to hear them.

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