The Side Yard - Part 5

We finally made a bunch of progress on the side yard thanks to Mr BSR taking a week off work last week. We spent the beginning of the week in Seaside, OR, with his family.

BSR Family

But then we came home and worked our tails off!!

Progress 0730

Before we left, Mr. BSR finished tearing down the rest of the crapport carport so we were able to ask the neighbor to bring his fancy tractor over to remove the gravel (as much as possible) and shovel some dirt around to level things out a bit while we were at the beach. When we got back, we were super excited to see the work was complete but less excited to see how many big rocks were under there. We still need to remove lots of them but we got to a point where we felt we could move forward with a retaining wall and the raised beds. I also included a picture of the back end of the new shed. I still need to finish up work back there but we're just attacking each piece as we're able to.

Here's the new view from the driveway:

Far shot progress 0730

Next up? Spread this mound of dirt throughout the ground and load some into the beds:

That's 7 yards of dirt so we've got our work cut out for us. Bring on the shovels!!

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