Peg Doll Soccer Team

First of all, I need to wish The Snickerdoodle a very happy 4th birthday!!


Now, his big gift was his room remodel but another gift I've been working on for weeks is a peg doll collection featuring his favorite team members from the Seattle Sounders FC. Here's the full collection:

Peg Doll Collage_snickerdoodle

Creating peg dolls is really pretty easy but if you want to make them really detailed, plan on spending a lot of time on them. I would guess I averaged close to an hour per doll on this set but then I don't have a very steady hand and was interrupted a lot (mostly by the baby). I also had to put EVERYTHING away every night to keep it hidden from curious eyes so every time I sat down to work on one, I had to get everything back out again.

I didn't use the standard peg doll heads, I thought they were too big and too expensive so I hit the wood section at my local craft store and picked up some beads then drilled the holes to the appropriate size. I prefer the proportions of these dolls to the huge headed ones although I think those big ones are really cute for fictional characters.

The box is actually from a pair of See Kai Run shoes a friend gave to Sugar Pop (pka Tigger) but I painted the box Sounders colors, added the logo and soccer ball sticker and coated the whole thing with glossy Mod Podge.

There are so many examples of peg dolls throughout the internet that if you'd like to make your own set, I suggest you use google images to do some surfing before you start in on the project. It's a good idea to decide what your style will be before you dive in.

I'm going to leave you with the side-by-side comparison shots I took along the way as I created each player:

2012 SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC HEADSHOTS     Ochoa_26_compare

Neagle_27_compare     Zakuani_11_compare

Montero_17_compare     Fernandez_15_compare

Hurtado_34_compare     Fucito_2_compare

Gonzalez_12_compare      Alonso_6_compare


And of course, my favorite soccer player of all:


UPDATE: He LOVES them!!! Here he is in the first few minutes after opening the gift:



(He took a break from playing to change his clothes)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. i LOVE that he plays against penguins too. :) So wonderfully cute Julie!!

  2. Thanks Sonja! Now if we can just convince him that the really good players don't fall down all the time . . . . sheesh, what does it say about professional soccer that he thinks they fall down on purpose? 

  3. What an AWESOME gift!!! I love this!!!!!

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