Project Hardware Holder

As you may know, this weekend we've shipped the Snickerdoodle off to his Gamma's house so we can upgrade his room to a bigger boy room. When we moved to this house when he was just turning 1, I created his monkey room but now he's fully obsessed with soccer, specifically the Seattle Sounders. What's cool is that their colors are green and blue so we don't have to repaint but we are making some changes to his furniture and putting up some soccer ball decals I cut out on my Silhouette.

I've been taking some things apart and undoing some of the decorations and needed a place to store the different hardware I've pulled out. I wanted to share what I do because it's super handy and FREE.

Here goes (this is going to be one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments for you if you're not already doing this):

Egg carton hardware holder.

I hope this little show-and-tell saves you from a headache during your next project.

Thank you for reading,


  1. Brilliant!  Just brilliant!

  2. You need to be careful about the size, safety, comfort, build-up, colors and so on. bunk bed with slide


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