I Love Chalkboard Paint

I really love chalkboard paint. I like to make sure I always have a can on hand. My latest chalkboard paint update landed on Claudia the Chifforobe.

If you'll recall, she started like this:


Was turned into this for the nursery:


But then I kept moving stuff around in the drawers and my husband is going nuts trying to find clothing for the little guy so I thought I'd pop out the panels in Claudia's door, paint the back side with chalkboard paint then put the panels back in backwards. Now when you open the door you see the decorative panel which has no real value except I know that when we get tired of the chalkboard panels, we can just flip them back around. So here she is:

(I think she looks handsome)

And with labels:


Someday we won't need to label the drawers and this can just be a fun area for doodles and notes or for little Tigger to practice writing.

Do you like chalkboard paint? What have you used it for? Feel free to leave a comment and even include a link if you've got pictures.

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