Scrabble Tile Pendants

I need another craft addiction like a hole in the head which is why I was a little wary when I received an invitation from Marie of Make & Takes to join 20+ other crafters for a Night of witchCRAFT. I was right to be afraid but I really wanted to get out and meet some local creative types so I signed up. I guess I should consider myself fortunate that out of the handful of fantastic Halloween creations I made, I only really walked away obsessing over one of them . . . the Scrabble tile pendants:

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They are so simple to make but open the door to such creativity. I made my 2 (not pictured here, it seems a certain 3 1/2 year old ran off with mine) then went home trying to figure out how I could justify making a whole bunch more. Then it hit me that one of my nieces would probably love to have a set of them for Christmas.

I'm not going to post my own tutorial because I think the one at Make & Takes is terrific. I will, however, help you find the materials:

  • Paper - I didn't purchase any paper, I just dipped into my scraps for some and even printed a bunch of images that I resized to tile-size. More info on this below.
  • Scrabble tiles - ask around, you probably know someone with some to spare
  • File - I used a nail file
  • Mod Podge - At your local craft store (JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Michael's)
  • Diamond Glaze - I found mine at JoAnn. 
  • Aanraku Jewelry Bails - I ordered mine from this Etsy shop based on Marie's suggestion. I ordered medium sized ones, not small.

I think the most valuable thing I can add to this project is where to find great designs for the tiles. First of all, search through magazines and catalogs. I cut out lots of neat images containing different patterns and textures from Oriental Trading Company, Pottery Barn Kids and a handful of other catalogs that had recently arrived.


Here are some of the tiles I created using these magazine cutouts and some paper I had on hand:

First Bunch

I also did searchs for images using Google images. I was looking for different season and holiday images so I used search terms like "Valentine's Day Scrapbook Pages." I loved finding photos or scans of scrapbook pages that didn't contain someone else's photographs. Now, I wouldn't sell those but this was for a gift so I didn't hesitate to borrow the designs. Once you download the photos, import them into MS Word and resize to Scrabble tile dimensions. I created a table with set cell size and imported each photo into a cell:

Full Set

I printed out my table on my home printer and cut them out.


Here's the whole set of tiles that I decorated (I got a little carried away):

All Tiles

I ran out of bails but knowing I'll probably order more eventually, I went ahead and created the tiles anyway.

I picked some of my favorites, made a little purple fleece bag and will send them as a gift to my niece.

DSC03695     DSC03698

I'll never look at a scrap of paper the same way again. 

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  1. Love your idea to download images right into your MS word document and print out.  Your tiles are beautiful!  I'm sure your niece will love them. 

  2. Thanks Michelle. I was so excited to find some great images of scrapbook pages because it gave the tiles a layered paper look without all the work of cutting tiny little shapes out. For instance, the bottom row Valentines one with the "XO" on it looks like a lot more work than it really was. Plus, I don't have a great selection of scrapbook papers so this opened up a HUGE world of creativity for me. Some of them were even digital scrapbook backgrounds from the new Michael's online program, I just took screenshots of the whole blank page. I was thinking I could design pretty great pages in Picaboo (my photo book/digital scrapbooking software of choice) then do screenshots of those. The possibilities are endless. 

  3. I love the owl, I actually used the same exact one for a magnet :)

  4. Thanks Kelly. That was actually from someone's business card. I saved the pertinent information but really really wanted that cute little guy on a tile. I already gave that one away to a friend. 

  5. Those are adorable! Nice variety of designs.

  6. Can you show us how you made the pendants? Its so cute I want to try and I am not familiar with these products.

  7. These are really cute, Julie!  I have just a few favorites.  Ok, I lied.  I like them all.  :)

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