Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!!

We love Halloween around here but this year I'd say the scariest part of it all might just be the pictures I have to include in this post. The dismal weather outside and lack of natural light is challenging my budding photography skills. BUT, without further ado, I bring you...




I customized the jumpsuit pattern from Butterick (3244) that I had also used last year for his astronaut costume. Snickerdoodle has a long torso and I like the added belt with elastic around the back as well as cuffs to keep everything in place. I also created the custom iron-ons using MS Word for the back and the lightning bolts down his arms and just used Google to find the images for the sponsors on the front as well as the checkerboard pattern down each leg. I LOVE printable iron on paper. I always use the stuff for dark t-shirts as I like that the colors come out bolder than they do with the traditional iron-on paper.

And now my costume:


Disclaimer: Although I had the concept before seeing others, when I Googled for the images to base the bones off of, I found someone else had beaten me to the idea. Being extremely short on time, I opted to use their design rather than reinventing it. Similar shirts are available for sale but I did this with a basic Target maternity shirt, a few pages of printable iron-on paper, a pair of scissors and a whole lot of swearing. At any rate, it was a huge hit when we went trick-or-treating at a friend's office on Friday.

It was easy enough to make. I just scaled the images I wanted to use to fit my body and printed them on regular white paper to use as a template. Then I stacked my un-printed iron-on paper with the printed images and cut out the bones. I followed the directions with the iron-on paper to stick them down. For the arm bones, I was actually able to use a file I found in the Silhouette marketplace and let my machine do the work on those.

FYI I started out trying to use contact paper so I wouldn't have to sacrifice the shirt but thankfully didn't get all that far before I realized the paper just wouldn't stick to my curves (the belly really is ginormous) so if you're thinking the same thing . . . well, don't bother.



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  1. Wow!  Your son's costume is cute, but yours is SOOOO COOL!  I love it!  So perfect and so fun!  It looks amazing!  You should market them and sell them to the local maternity shops!  What a hit!


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