New Etsy Shop Coupon Code

Now that I know we're having a boy in December, I'm not determined to hang on to the lovely little dresses I made so for the month of August, I'm releasing a new coupon code:

FBOOK0811 will get you 40% off your order of anything from my Etsy shop.

Eiluj Etsy Shop

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  1. Good plan! Your new son may not have been too happy to have you hold on to them for him!  Now, next challenge...finding equally cute things to sew for boys! As a mother of 3 sons, I would always envy the little girl sections. Tons of cute clothes. Go to the boy section. Nuthin'.  AGH! 

  2. Julie {}August 11, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    No kidding - the poor guy is going to realize at some point that he doesn't have a single thing that wasn't his brother's first so perhaps sticking him in dresses might have added insult to injury! 

    Have you ever checked out the "Celebrate the Boy" series on Made? Here's a link to her archives -  It isn't nearly as much as we all see for little girls but at least it's something. 

    We did cloth diapers for Snickerdoodle and when I pulled those out recently I took a trip down memory lane. In my quest for the perfect cloth diaper, I had made him quite a few of my own design and some of them were pretty original. Hopefully I'll be able to do some for Tigger too and if so I'll be sure to blog about my discoveries. 

    Thanks for your comment!!


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