Garden Markers

As promised, here's a tutorial for how I made my garden markers with NO budget. I used things I had around the house. I looked around at a lot of different ideas online but ultimately went my own way.

It started with a borrowed tile saw and a stack of 7x7 tiles I had left over from when I remodeled our bathroom a couple of years ago.


I cut each tile exactly in half (well, close to exact).



Next I rinsed and dried each tile to prepare for the next step - rubber stamps!

I picked one of my larger alphabet stamp sets so I could easily read the tiles from the outside of the fence. We had such limited space for our garden that we didn't create any paths to meander through or even a gate to the fence so we've basically gotta just find what we're looking for, hop the fence and grab a veggie. Good thing we've got long legs.

Here's "Basil" laid out for space


I just used basic black ink and found that worked well as I had a few minutes of wiggle room when I made a mistake with spacing as I did on a few of the ones with longer names. I was able to wipe them clean with a Lysol wipe the thoroughly dry them before starting over.

Here's "Radish" after stamping:


And a bunch of them laid out on my floor to dry:


The final step was to spray each one with a coat of a glossy Polyurethane top coat to seal the stamp ink in. I also liked that it gave each tile a polished look. Here's "Basil" modeling in the garden:


What do you use for garden markers?

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  1. Felicia @ All Things FeeJune 6, 2011 at 12:31 PM

    Oh my gosh! I love them!  

  2. Thank you! They're holding up in both sun and rain so I'm happy with them too. My little guy likes to ask what they say so I guess as an added bonus - they're also a great learning tool for him.

  3. These are adorable. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  4. Very creative use of tiles and creative skills to create very appealing marker for your garden. I can imagine all sorts of additional uses for this technique in the landscaping industry! For example, Name plaques, welcome signage or even inserts for welcome mats. I was wondering a couple of things:

    First, how well does the ink stay on the tiles? The reason I ask is because outdoor use in landscaping might add a bit of wear on the ink.

    Second, Did you use a diamond blade on the tile saw you used?

    Again, very nice results. Great work.


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