And I thought it would be a bad day

I woke up this morning feeling crummy. I think a cold is trying to take hold of my body so I really wasn't too thrilled with the way I felt. I dragged myself out of bed and resolved to just get a few things done then find a way to keep O happy while I spent the rest of the day lying on the couch. Here was our plan:

1) Starbucks for a smoothie and a couple of Hawaiian bagels (mmmmm)
2) Radio Shack to check out possible new cell phones
3) Pick up the camera
4) Get home and get horizontal for some r&r

We made it through the first 3 but somewhere along there I started to perk up so after picking up the camera, we headed out on some adventures.

We ran down the sidewalk at the Ballard Locks


We saw a train


We saw boats


We played in the sculpture garden


We made faces at each other


We saw another train (3 here, 3 at the next park actually)


O tolerated me (and contemplated how to destroy my camera again so I'd stop taking pictures of him)


He made more faces


He slid down a long steep hill on his butt (gotta love athletic pants)


We stopped for lunch at Subway then went to another park and played in some caves


Caught some rainbows with The Bubble Man


And laughed really really hard


O passed out on the way home and is now sleeping soundly in his bed.

Today truly was a Good Friday.

Happy Earth Day!

Thank you for reading,

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