3rd Birthday Party Part 1: The Sign

Phew! O's space themed 3rd birthday party went off without a hitch yesterday. Everything was fantastic (and completely over the top). I'm still a bit exhausted from all the preparations and the party itself so today I'm picking something easy to blog about that will give you a little taste of how it all went down.

We knew most of the party would take place in the living/dining room areas then spill out to the back patio and yard (weather permitting) but we wanted something outside the front of the house to welcome our guests in. I have no doubt we would have encased the entire house in either wood or tarps if we thought we could make the whole thing look like a space station (and had the funds) but we opted for something slightly less over the top and we made a sign out of some scrap wood.

After I drew out the shape, my husband used the jig saw to cut out our very own NASA sign. We were using some OSB we had left over from a home improvement project so the wood was really ugly but we knew it would be fine in the end. We also picked up some spray primer and spray paint for the big areas.



I created the appropriate stencils using my Silhouette machine and some clear (that's all I had on hand) contact paper and put them in place after priming but before I sprayed on the blue background. When I peeled them off, I was ready to paint the letters and the swish on the sign.

(please excuse the bad picture, I reeeeaaaallllyyy want my good camera back)

In the end, we had our very own NASA sign to beckon our friends in for O's crazy 3rd birthday party.



The circle of the sign has a diameter of 46 inches (cut out of a 4x8 piece of OSB) so it was HUGE! When we bought the house, that eagle was already there and we haven't ever changed it out for something more meaningful for us so we just hung the sign up hanging up so it would look like the eagle was holding it in his talons. I'm really happy with how the sign itself turned out and am hoping we can put it in his room eventually. He's been asking us for a new room because he's apparently done with the monkeys so we'll probably take that on this summer. Never a dull moment right?

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